Fieldale Fire Department


Fieldale Volunteer Fire Company

500 Field Avenue
P.O. Box 352
Fieldale, VA 24089
(276) 673-6401

Introduction: The Fieldale Volunteer Fire Company welcomes citizens of Henry County, Virginia as a prospective member of the Fire Company. The Fieldale Volunteer Fire Company Inc. (FVFC) established in 1946 and Incorporated in 1949 continues to serve the community of Fieldale and Henry County for more than 60 years.

Membership: Prospective members living within the boundaries of the territory that is assigned to our Company as the Fieldale Fire District shall be given priority over those applying who reside outside the Fieldale Fire District.  Any male or female citizen of satisfactory health and reputation between the ages of 18 and 65 shall be eligible for active membership.

All applicants will be prescreened by the top 3 line officers (Chief, Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief).  The prescreening process shall include a review of duties, responsibilities, written by laws and standard operating procedures with the applicant.  At this time, the applicant will be requested to provide personal background and training history relevant to perspective membership.

The application of all applicants that pass the prescreening process will be presented at the next regular business meeting to allow for a background check.  The application will be tabled for 30 days or until the next monthly business meeting.  Any infractions or convictions found in the background check will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and the Membership Committee.

Acceptance of an applicant shall be made by a 2/3 majority vote of the active members of the Fire Company present at the meeting.  If the applicant is accepted, they will be placed on a 90-day probation period.  During this 90-day probationary period, the applicant may be terminated at the discretion and agreement of the Chief and Deputy Chief.

Active: Full membership to the Fire Company, Voting rights

Active Firefighter: Full Membership to the Fire Company, Voting Rights, and NFPA1001 Firefighter Certified (includes Pro Board). Interior firefighters will need to have Firefighter I before being allowed to enter any structure fire until it has been ruled under control by the incident commander.

 Junior: All members under the age of 17 shall be known as Junior Members and will not be allowed to participate in any activity which may be considered hazardous or dangerous to his or her health or welfare unless they have attained Firefighter I Certification.  This action includes, but is not limited to live fire drills, smoke house drills, rescue, ladder work, or repelling.

a)      Any Junior Member shall have written permission from his or her parents or legal guardian in order to be a member of the Fire Department.

b)      Fieldale Volunteer Fire Company shall be limited to not more than ten (10) Junior Members at any given time.

c)      Junior Members will not be allowed to vote in business matters concerning the department or any elections.

d)      No Junior Member shall be allowed to drive any emergency vehicles, but are allowed to ride in these vehicles.

e)      Junior Members shall be allowed to participate in these activities dependent upon Virginia state law


a)      No more than ten (10) Associate Members will be permitted at a time.

b)      An application for Associate Membership will be processed under the same procedures as an application for Active Membership.

c)      Associate Members will not be eligible to vote in any elections or for any business matters.

d)      Associate Members may request to obtain Active Membership, but this will be determined by a 2/3 majority vote by the Board of Directors.

e)      At the end of each year at elections, the Associate Members list will be reviewed by the Fire Company body.


a)      In order to be qualified for Honorary Membership, the member shall have completed ten (10) or more consecutive years of service as a fireman and resign in good standing.

b)      Honorary Members will not have the right to vote in any elections or other fire department matters.

c)      Honorary Members will not be allowed to take any part in active firefighting.  They may participate in social functions and parades, and are welcome to attend business meetings and drills.

d)      On the date a member is voted to honorary status, the member must return all department equipment.

e)      An Honorary Member may request to be reinstated as an active member, but this must be determined by a 2/3 majority vote by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors: The government of this organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors consisting of nine (9) members

Support: Member must meet all guidelines of the Active membership.  This membership does not respond to emergency calls, unless requested. They are dedicated to fundraising and/or support for the Fire Company.

Questions and Answers

When is the Monthly Meeting? 2nd Tuesday of every month, dinner at 6pm meeting starts at 630pm


How can I pick up an Application? Our Training and cleanup is usually on Wednesday nights between 6pm and 8pm. come by and pick up an application.

Can anyone apply to FVFC? Yes, all citizens of Henry County, Virginia are welcomed to apply.


What do I do after I apply? After one is prescreened be sure to come to our monthly meeting as soon as possible to ensure your application is tabled by the Fire Company. Come to our Trainings and/or cleanups during your 30 day table. Introduce yourself and participate.

Do I have to have training to apply? No, Training is provided by the Fire Company and/or Henry County Public Safety.

Can I go into a structure on fire? No, unless you are a certified Fire Fighter I in the state of Virginia and/or Pro Board certified.

What is pro Board certified?


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